YFP: Young Filipino American Professionals of Hampton Roads

The Young Filipino-American Professionals of Hampton Roads is an organization dedicated to representing young adult members of the Filipino community in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Its mission is to aid in the personal and professional development of our members, to benefit the community and other charitable causes, to promote and preserve Filipino-American culture, and to provide opportunities for networking and fellowship.

After an initial gathering to generate interest at the end of 2002, YFPHR was founded by Filipino Americans in the Hampton Roads area as a nonprofit organization. And on August 2, 2003, the constitution and bylaws of the Young Filipino-American Professionals of Hampton Roads were ratified.

Since then, YFP has helped its members establish new friendships & business contacts, become more involved in community affairs, work to benefit charitable causes, develop personally and professionally, and celebrate their FilipinoAmerican heritage.

The Young Filipino-American Professionals of Hampton Roads has organized social events to promote fellowship and facilitate networking. It has also invited speakers to provide its members with information on how to grow as people and how to progress in their careers.

YFP has also worked both independently and in concert with other groups for the betterment the community. Its members have donated their time and money in support of a variety of charitable groups and causes. These charities include Operation Smile, The Union Mission, and Gawad Kalinga.

YFP members have also attended and volunteered at events to benefit those affected by natural disasters and tragedy. YFP has also worked in support of local causes, for example to make a donation to help the Philippine Cultural Center of Virginia Beach with its operating and maintenance costs.

And all the while, YFP has helped its members to both explore and take pride in their cultural identities. As specified in the group’s constitution, the ages of YFP members range from 21 to 50 years old. But there are also individuals over the age of 50 who have been given honorary membership to the group. The YFP Executive Board is composed of officers and committee chairs. Officers are elected to their positions, and committee chairs are filled on a volunteer basis.

The membership of the Young Filipino-American Professionals of Hampton Roads spans the professional spectrum over a wide range of industries. It has included well established professionals, current & former military, medical professionals, the newly graduated just entering the workforce, those contemplating careers in new fields, and those navigating today's job market.

The members of YFP also have varying backgrounds, belief systems, and political leanings.

YFP welcomes individuals who are active in causes they support to join the group as members, guests and/or speakers. However, as an organization, the Young Filipino-American Professionals of Hampton Roads does not advocate particular lifestyle choices, religions, or political parties.

Moreover, YFP reserves the right exclude participation in its activities by people and/or groups who espouse discrimination, hate, or violence.

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