Pangasinan Association of Virginia

The association of people from Pangasinan was conceived by Mr. & Mrs. Joe Quiban, Mr. & Mrs. Rizal Manaois, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Baniqued, and Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo Ordonio, thus the Pangasinan Association of Tidewater (PAT) was born.

Dr. Bernardo Juguilon was the first president of the Pangasinan Association of Tidewater. The following years, the PAT became inactive due to military transfers.

Five years later, Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Bernales, Mr. & Mrs. Pablo Padilla, Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Frias, Mr. & Mrs. Tripilo Gines, and Mr.& Mrs. Abe Paragas meet at the house of the Padilla’s. Due to their enthusiasm, the PAT was revived and Abe Paragas was elected president in 1980-1981. The theme was camaraderie among its members. PAT was changed to Pangasinan Association of Virginia (PAV) to accommodate all Pangasinans within Virginia. The participation of a youth group and a newsletter were started and PAV bylaws were formed. The novena and fiesta of the Lady of Manaoag and PAV seal were conceived. Selection of Mrs. Pangasinan was also started.

Francisco Frias became the third president of PAV in 1982-1983. He continued PAV traditions.

Pablo Padilla was elected president in 1984-1985. The Maharlika Dance Troupe was formed and was coordinated by Imedla Tecson. The Pangasinan Youth Club became active. PAV became an active member of the Council of United Filipino Organizations of Tidewater (CUFOT).

In 1986-1987, Purita Darang served as the fifth president. Her focus was on civic and charitable activities. PAV meetings were held monthly.

Leoncio Aldana became the sixth president (1988). He encouraged PAV participation with other organizations. Zaldy Espinosa became the seventh president (1989). PAV developed a symbolic relationship with the Filipino American Veterans.

Abe Paragas was again elected PAV president in 1990. He recruited more members and actively involved the second generation Pangasinans. Mother’s day and father’s day celebrations were initiated. Zaldy Espinoza was reelected in 1991, 1992, and 1993. He promoted support to the charity of Stella Maris. The charities were extended to our homeland during the Mt. Pinatubo and earthquake catastrophes. Cherie Estrada became the president of PAV in 1994. She made changes to the PAV directory, agenda of the meetings, and amended the bylaws. Fundraising activities and financial contributions to charity organizations were increased. PAV scholarship program and history of the PAV was formulated.

Although still active in the US Navy, the energetic Master Chief Electrician’s Mate Hilario Solis took the helm to lead this prestigious association in 1995 and 1996. His outstanding leadership and management skills in fundraising and in solicitation of advertisement for the PAV’s souvenir program successfully brought in much-needed funds to support existing PAV projects. His can-do spirit and strong vision coupled with effective planning and democratic leadership style by involving the assembly’s peaceful interaction and in all decision-making brought harmonious relations. His dedication and tireless effort resulted in increased membership. He strongly advocated teamwork and volunteerism that played a key role in meeting all commitments. He continued to support the scholarship program, Stella Maris, the Easter Sunday Picnic, the Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations, the novena & fiesta of Our Lady of Manaoag, and the Christmas Party. His tenacity with a flair for perfection led to the formation of the Youth Choral Group and the very successful PAV Christmas caroling group. Fundraising for CUFOT was conducted to be given to the Philippine Cultural Center (PCC) Building Fund. PAV constitution and bylaws was amended. And the PAV continued to set sail and proud to show its flying color.

1997 was a significant year due to the return of Zaldy Espinoza for the fifth term as PAV president. Fundraising for PCC, Operation Smile, Stella Maris, and PAV scholarship programs were initiated.

Another venture revolved in 1998 under the leadership of Mario Espinosa. He continued the fundraising events for Scholarship Awards, Stella Maris, and Operation Smile. PAV focused on fundraising efforts towards building a Philippine Cultural Center.

Joseph Campos was elected in 1999. He was selected outstanding Fil-Am president by the Executive Board of Directors of CUFOT. Community involvement and contribution to PCC was increased.

The first millennium PAV president was Coring Padilla. PAV traditions and events were continued. PAV focused in supporting CUFOT. PCC was built and the first PAV “Millennium Rock 2000” was purchased. All PAV members enjoyed family type celebration of Easter Sunday, Mothers/Fathers day, Our Lady of Manaoag fiesta, Thanksgiving dinner party, Christmas caroling and Christmas party.

2001-2002 was successful and enjoyable year for PAV under Vick Mariado as the President. PAV goals were accomplished including support to Stella Maris, scholarship program awards and purchase of a second “Millenium Rock 2001”. All members, their families, and friends enjoyed PAV theme “Camaraderie”. Successful events includes the first PAV induction ball at the PCC, picnic at the park on Easter Sunday, Parents day dinner dance, Our Lady of Manaoag novenas and fiesta at the Holy Trinity Church, Thanksgiving dinner dance, Christmas caroling, and Christmas party. 2003-2004 was also a successful year for the PAV under the presidency of Tripilo Gines. All projects and goals were achieved as in 2002. A third Millennium Rock was purchased. The new venture of fundraising “Atlantic City Trip” was also conceived wherein everyone have fun and good times. It’s also the PAV Silver Anniversary.

2005 Purita Agbuya became the president of PAV and continued celebrating annual activities that generated another contribution of $1000 to the PCC Building Fund. One of the most successful events was the fiesta of Our Lady of Manaoag. The PAV officers and members continue the Overseas Scholarship, US Scholarship, Atlantic City Trip, and Christmas Caroling that supported PAV projects.

2006 was another milestone under the leadership of Erwin Arellano brought forth the overwhelming support from the community to the club. The fifth “Millennium Rock 2006” was purchased. Major events were accomplished such as the Induction Ball, Atlantic City Trip, Easter picnic, Parents Day, July 4th Friendship Day, Fiesta of Our Lady of Manaoag, and Thanksgiving Dinner/Dance. The Overseas scholarship and US scholarship were continued. Christmas party and caroling were very successful.

Estela Escano took over the helm as president in 2007 with a productive fundraising last June 30th and Thanksgiving. Her leadership exceeded the fulfillment of her numerous projects and major events so as to continue the trend of purchasing the sixth Millennium rock 2007 for the PCC. PAV scholarship programs, X’mas Party, and caroling were the conclusion of her successful goals.

In its 30th year, PAV benefited from its most excellent year under the guidance of Aurea Baniqued. Fund raisings, awards, charity donations, and community support were surpassed due to her unceasingly diligent efforts coupled with her outstanding rapport with the members and the community. The year culminated with the joyous celebration of the “Appreciation Night”, another fist for PAV.

2009 President Chriss Dela Cruz brought with him his wealth of experience and knowledge of management over to the PAV. His teamwork and leadership ideas strengthen the unity of relationship among the members of the Association. With the support of the officers and members, he added Family Bowling for fun and also designed to get together at the same time raise funds. Christmas Time Party was introduced as a fundraising for the Scholarship Program. 2009 was year of recession and the organization’s expenses were within the budget and a healthy fund to be turnover to the incoming board.

2010 The turn of a new decade with PAV President Alex Paragas marking several milestones to his presidency. This was highlighted during the blessing of the new chapel of Our Lady of Manaoag in Holy Trnity Church. Several PAV fundraising helped support various organizations including Operation Smile Mission in Pozzorubio and Urdaneta. His induction Ball was the most attended in the history of PAV at PCC. President Paragas served his third term starting with his first project in the completion and ribbon cutting of the stairway to heaven at the Philippine Cultural Center during the 34th Annual Inaugural Ball.

2013 Eleanor Solis first year of presidency proudly showed her outstanding leadership capabilities. She outlined her priorities and goals and pursued them vigorously resulting in a very successful PAV events. PAV By laws has been amended: Elected officers to serve two (2) years. She led the fund raising event to support the Super-Typhoon Yolanda victims to the province of Leyte and Samar. She successfully initiated the PAV College Scholarship program in the province of Pangasinan. The first recipient was randomly selected by the assembly and Tayug was picked from the lucky draw. Currently, the deserving student is Rizzabeth Austria from the Tayug National High School. She will attend college with tuition fees; books, school materials, transportation and food allowance (if needed such as out of town school).The PAV highly honored this program under the supervision of Mrs. Solis-scholarship chairperson. Proud of its history and tradition, PAV continues to be blessed with UNITY, SUPPORT, and DEDICATED leaders and members. May we say thank you all (Balbaleg ya Salamat ed sicayon amin). God Bless!

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