Filipino Nurses for Cultural Advancement

Popularly known as PINCA, and was founded in 2005 by a group nurses with a common goal of supporting the Council of United Filipino Organizations of Tidewater (CUFOT, Inc). The members are also members of other organizations such as the Batangas Association of Hampton Roads, United Ilocano Association of Tidewater, Philippine Nurses Association of Virginia, Filipino Women’s Club of Tidewater, American College of International Physicians, Botolan and the Board of Trustees. They are members of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. While, they are few, their impact on the Council is unmistakably profound as they are leaders of fundraising activities, hold leadership positions in the Council and chair many standing Committees. They are organizers of many projects and master of successful events. They are available when help is needed. One wonders if the Philippine Cultural Center is their second home as they are ubiquitously present.

In the national scene, four of its members are recipients of the Twenty Outstanding Filipinos Abroad Award. Their contribution to the Council placed CUFOT on the map when it won the Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Filipino Award, a recognition given by ABS-CBS and Ugat Foundation. One has to look at the large picture at the lobby to recognize them. Some are seen in many special circles and political events in support of their candidates proud to be a part of the electoral process. They are the demure, silent minority, with strong voices in many decision making processes of the Council. They are leaders of their churches. They never waver on their values and commitment and make no excuses for their beliefs. Grounded by their faith, the nursing profession made them strong and strengthened by their work ethic. They have realized their dreams and actualized their potential. They managed to have bold outlines, they know who they are, and the gifts they share permeate the weave of the CUFOT mosaic.

Every fall many see them organizing the Health Screening event in collaboration with the American College of International Physicians and members of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologist of Tidewater (PAMET) with their flu shots, cholesterol and glucose testing coupled with teaching and health awareness programs. They roll up their sleeves to take the blood pressure and deliver that “shot” no one forgets from their early years as a novice nurse. They are safety and health conscious, they provide an AED, emergency kit and an emergency 911 number to ensure life-saving interventions.

PINCA is a blend of the young and retired nurses who by nature of their beloved profession continue their quest for good health for others, their multiple roles of mother, nurse, teacher, educator, patient advocate, community leader, entrepreneur, volunteers and role models to the young Filipino Americans. As their name implies, these ladies promote the Filipino Culture and advance its place in the community to ensure that no one forgets “we are Filipinos and proud of it “. We are nurses. We are ….PINCA

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