Mrs. Philippines and Court Society of Virginia

Mrs. Philippines and Court Society of Virginia In 1978, the Council of United Filipino Organizations of Tidewater, Virginia (CUFOT) Iaunched its first fundraising initiative by taking advantage of its greatest asset, the women of the Filipino American Community. The Mrs. Philippines of VA Contest was borne and for the last 35 years, the mothers, wives and working women raised money to build this cultural center and for the fun of winning the coveted title of Mrs. Philippines of Virginia. The Mrs. Philippines Contest is not for the weak and the faint-hearted. Many of us know the challenges they face from the unbelievers. The contest is for the strong, and the bold, the beautiful women whose hearts are in the right place. To date, there are 147 women who gave their time, energy and gusto for the worthy cause. During the Philippine Week, which is celebrated in June, CUFOT presents the Mrs. Philippines of Virginia Pageant to show case these unsung heroes. These ladies brought integrity to the cause. They are the brave and the bold who look beyond themselves and believe that it is not about them but for our future generation.

To establish their bond, the Mrs. Philippines and Court Society was founded in 1988 which brought an increased commitment and camaraderie among the group. The Society is involved in many annual events showcasing the reigning Mrs. Philippines and Court during parades and special community celebrations. The beautiful chandeliers that illuminate the Center giving it grace and elegance and the richly designed curtains on the stage remind us of the generosity and spirit of its donors.

The Mrs. Philippines of Virginia Contest remains as the major revenue producing project of the Council. While the Society plays a major role in this undertaking, they work side by side with the CUFOT Fundraising and Mrs. Philippines Contest Committees, and the organizations to achieve its goal.

Our challenge is to continue what they have started, to support their projects, to be thankful for their work, and ask blessings for their health and safety.

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