Filipino-American Bayanihan Club

In 1982, Fil-Am Bayanihan Club was formed by a group of Filipinos under the leadership of Mrs. Alegria Alviar. The sole purpose of the club was to promote and revive some of the social and cultural practices of the Filipinos. The club continued to grow and in 1984, the first group of officers was elected. Mrs. Alegria Alviar was the first President, Philip Musni as Vice-President, Niceta Bulos as Secretary and Salvacion Ocampo as Treasurer.

The Constitution and By-laws was written and promulgated under the leadership of Mr. & Mrs. Vic Ocampo. The goal was to promote Filipino traditions and cultural heritage. In 1987, “Mutya Ng Bayanihan” was formed to grace the club anniversary during the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Alegria Alviar was crowned the first “Mutya”.

In 1991, Mar Calimlim was elected president of the club. During his term, Coring Padilla changed the “Mutya Ng Bayanihan” to “Mutya Ng Pilipinas Virginia” pageant. Sally Walsh was crowned the Mutya Ng Pilipinas Virginia. The pageant was the best source of revenue for the club. Mr. Calimlim is the most faithful pillar of the club whose inspiration and support sustained the morale of the club.

In 2011, James Collins became the first Caucasian American president and Charo Collins as Vice-President, along with Sid Barerra as Second Vice-President, Eleanor Cruz as Secretary, Aning Lucena as the Assistant Secretary, R. Raquipiso as Treasurer, M. Bernardo as the Assistant Treasurer, Irene Jaro as Auditor, Mar Calimlim as Business Manager, Sid Calimlim as the Assistant Business Manager and Ramon Guerrero as the Peace Officer.

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