CUFOT Board Members

Roy Estaris

// Public Relations Officer

Mr. Estaris is the CEO of JustGoPH who has a combined passion for travel/tourism and technology to fuel economic sustainable growth for the Philippines. He is also the President and owner of The Travel Outlet of Virginia, which is a leading edge travel agency for corporate and leisure travel needs for 25 years and leads sales for the transpacific consolidation as the only Filipino-American Owned agency consolidator in the east coast of the United States.

With demonstrated commitment to all facets of the travel and leisure industry, in 2003 Mr. Estaris formed a joint effort with nPorta and Worldspan, creating the web-based travel booking engine, Travel ASP an e-commerce product that served retail travel agencies online. In 2010, in a joint effort with Amadeus, Estaris launched, a destination web portal with advanced technology initiatives including, travel destination components and social network technology, which serves as the portal for the “next generation” providing Travel, Social Networking, Investing and Giving Back to our Motherland.

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